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English Coordinator – Secondary (closed)


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Virginia International Private School (VIPS) is a well-respected, K-12 school with over 1050 students, meeting the needs of the local Emirati community. VIPS is on a very exciting journey as it goes from strength to strength in its commitment to quality education and its continued improvement, with a main focus on students’ outcomes. We cater to our students via a bespoke hybrid learning model, as students can opt for either Face to Face (FTF) or Distance Learning (DL). This year, we opened our brand new, state-of-the-art building for secondary girls and we are keen to graduate our first cohort, the Class of 2022, in the upcoming academic year. In the most recent quality assurance review locally, VIPS was evaluated to be fully developed, earning the highest possible rating of 13 out 13 “developed” judgements in its Distance Learning Evaluation 2020. Additionally, we just completed successfully an international accreditation review by NEASC (in March 2021). We empower our staff to fulfill their roles successfully as well as encourage and support professional development. VIPS enjoys the benefits of dynamic, experienced leadership and management, a holistic learning community, dedicated teachers, and supportive governance.


Secondary English Coordinator – High School (Grades 9-12)
About the role:

The Secondary English Coordinator – High School will be a member of the Secondary Curriculum Leadership Team, whose main area of responsibility will be the Leadership and Management of English across the high school (US Curriculum). This is a teaching and learning role with release time for middle leadership responsibilities.  

Key areas of responsibility for 2021-22 will include the leadership and management of all high school English teaching, including direct responsibility for internal and external assessment, curriculum development and the successful implementation of effective programs and initiatives.


Job Description – Secondary English Coordinator – High School (Grade 9-12)
The post-holder will be required to exercise their professional skills and judgement to carry out the duties set out in the two main areas outlined below:


1: Learning and Teaching

  • Plan and deliver outstanding English lessons to both boys and girls classes in the high school phase (grade level to be agreed upon);
  • Ensure high quality education, attainment and progress for all students;
  • Track, monitor, evaluate and review student progress, achievement and attainment;
  • Ensure effective teaching strategies that enable all students to learn optimally;
  • Deliver and demonstrate enquiry based teaching through his/her own teaching commitment;
  • Make learning and teaching opportunities relevant by making connections to the real world;
  • Use assessment for, of, and as learning strategies in order to personalize and accelerate student learning;
  • Take responsibility for the implementation of short, medium and long term curriculum planning within the subjects taught;
  • Have knowledge of effective strategies to include and meet the needs of all students within your class, including Higher/Lower attaining students, EAL, SEN, Emirati students and G&T students;
  • Any other teaching duties and responsibilities deemed reasonable by the Principal.


2: Leadership and Accountability

  • Actively support the aims and ethos of the school as a member of the Curriculum Leadership Team;
  • Set high professional standards for all staff in the Secondary School English department by promoting a challenge and support culture;
  • Establish good relationships, encourage good working practices and support mechanisms;
  • Identify key school improvement and professional development needs, ensuring that these needs are addressed through the provision of high quality coaching and mentoring;
  • Lead the development of the use of data;
  • Coordinate strategies to achieve the identified School Development Plan priorities, evaluate and report on their effectiveness and make suggestions for further improvements;
  • Take part in and respond to issues regarding self-evaluation including making contributions to the development of the SEF;
  • Take responsibility for the short, medium and long term curriculum planning of high school English.


Person Specification – English Coordinator: Secondary School

Applicants should be able to demonstrate an excellent knowledge and understanding of the following areas related to this post:

1: Professional Knowledge and Understanding

  • Possess excellent knowledge, skills and understanding of curriculum and pedagogical issues, particularly those related to the teaching of the US Secondary Curriculum.
  • Have a detailed professional knowledge of student’s personal and social development and Behavioral management.
  • Have an excellent understanding of leadership philosophy and practice.
  • A thorough working knowledge of the assessment and review of students’ progress and development.
  • The use of creative and effective learning and teaching styles to engage, motivate and enable students to progress.
  • Effective strategies to include and meet the needs of all pupils within the Secondary School, including under-achieving groups, EAL, SEN, Emirati Students and G&T pupils.
  • How to analyze, understand, interpret and respond to school performance data.
  • Encouraging parents to work cooperatively with the school and involve them in their children’s education.


2: Professional Skills and Experience

Applicants should be able to demonstrate recent and relevant experience of:

  • Secondary teaching with a specialist knowledge of English (preferably grades 11-12, IGCSE, A Level or equivalent);
  • Monitoring and evaluating of learning and teaching to ensure improved student outcomes
  • Continuous professional development and performance management;
  • Digital learning and the use of ICT across the curriculum;
  • Effective involvement and engagement with the learning community;
  • Language learning, in particular for students for whom English is a second language;
  • Best practices and trends in International schools.


 3: Leadership and Management Skills

Applicants should be able to demonstrate from their experience the ability to:

  • Promote and sustain high standards;
  • Inspire, lead and motivate students’ and staff to influence the quality of learning and teaching and initiate change;
  • Take a lead role in innovative curriculum development;
  • Contribute to self-evaluation exercises and whole school development;
  • Manage the performance of other members of staff;
  • Organize professional development activities for the English team, in collaboration with the Senior Leadership Team;
  • Share expertise, skills and knowledge with staff;
  • Develop and maintain high standards and expectations;
  • Have personal impact and presence to be able to initiate change and achieve excellence.


4: Personal Skills and Attributes

Applicants should:

  • Demonstrate a high level of commitment and professionalism;
  • Have excellent written and verbal communication skills;
  • Be able to create and maintain effective partnerships with staff, the school board, parents, students and the wider school community;
  • Be a good team player and be able to lead and inspire by being an excellent role model;
  • Be able to work independently and on your own initiative;
  • Seek advice and support when necessary;
  • Have good time management skills and an ability to plan and prioritize work and tasks for you and your phase team;
  • Maintain a personal commitment to professional development linked to the competencies necessary to deliver the requirements of this post;
  • Be approachable, positive, flexible and enthusiastic with a good sense of humor.


Start Date: August 2021
Please send your CV and cover letter to secretary@virginiaschool.ae