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Leadership Team

Lisa Archibald

I am Lisa Archibald, and I am thrilled and energized to collaborate with you this year. In so many ways, this post taps into all of the passions and experiences I have enjoyed as an educator for the past twenty-five years. It is my joy to join the Leadership Team at Virginia International School and serve you as Curriculum Coordinator.

I was born and raised in Antigua, British West Indies and became a teacher and a professional in the United States. The focus of my career in education has been children, whether directly as an educator in the classroom, or indirectly as an instructional coach who trained other coaches and teachers. My emphasis has always been to produce quality and long-term measurable results that would enable students (and their teachers) to attain immediate success; as well as success that would usher our students into and then sustain them in college and beyond.

I love the arts, language, color, the writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and all things genuine – in people and in lived experiences.

I believe in infusing all of the above into thoughtful collaborations with teachers to creatively co-design ideas (and strategies) that flourish into successful classroom lessons and learning. Such opportunities have only served to further prepare me for a time such as this. I am so very excited to hear your thoughts about quality teaching that effect change and work closely with you to bring your goals to fruition. In short, I would love to support you in engaging greater joy, confidence and effectiveness in all you do.

Providing opportunities for all students to learn best and accelerate their aptitude is my central ethos. I deeply believe that all students, armed with differentiated entrees to their own learning, can attain increasing competence in their academic work. We have the power to make revolutionary the work of ensuring that young people become excited about thinking, learning, doing, and growing.

We are so privileged to help a new generation of learners attain the skills they need to embrace and meaningfully contribute to our changing world.

What a joy it is to embark on this journey with you. Thank you. I can’t wait!

Lisa I.S. Archibald


Lakisha Williams

My name is Ms. Lakisha and I am from the United States of America. I obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education from Paine College in Augusta, Georgia. In addition, I hold a Master of Education Degree in Counseling/Psychology from Troy State University in Troy, Alabama.
This will be my 21st year in Education. I have taught for 12 years in the State of Georgia in grades 1st, 3rd, and 4th; 6 years in Abu Dhabi in Kindergarten and Grade One. This will be my third year as the Head of the KG Department at Virginia International School.
I am an educator who loves what she does and is passionate about teaching, learning, and opening doors to infinite possibilities for students. I am a dedicated professional who enthusiastically embraces change in a very unique and positive way. I always strive to achieve daily goals to plan activities that enhance students’ achievements.


Emma Keely

My name is Emma Keely and I am delighted and honored to be a part of the senior leadership team in Virginia International Private School in my role as Head of Elementary.
I am from Dublin, Ireland and this is my second year living here in the U.A.E. I have ten years teaching experience in Elementary, eight years teaching in Ireland and this year is my 2nd year here in VIPS in Abu Dhabi.
I completed my Bachelors of Education Degree (B.Ed.) and Masters of Education degree in Teaching and Learning (M.Ed.) in St. Patrick’s College, Dublin City University. I have worked in all of the Elementary classes, also in E.A.L (English as an Additional Language), Learning Support, Resource and Special Education Needs capacities. I have experience as a Grade Level Leader, leadership posts, teacher mentoring and also in continuous professional development for teachers.
I look forward to using the experience and knowledge that I have gained throughout my teaching career and bringing it with me into my new leadership role. I have high expectations for the year ahead and anticipate that it will bring many exciting experiences and learning opportunities.
I am eager and ready to work with the wider Virginia community and leading our school in its drive to be an outstanding school in the U.A.E.


Alain Tannous

Alain Tannous was born in Kfarhelda, Lebanon in 1988. He received bachelor’s degree in life and earth sciences from the Lebanese University in 2009, a master’s degree in biology in 2010 and master’s degree in business administration in 2013 from the Lebanese university and the university of Balamand Lebanon respectively. Alain is currently pursuing his doctorate in business administration from “Jean Moulin Lyon 3” university in Lyon-France in collaboration with the University of Blamand in Lebanon and he will be graduating in June 2019.

Experience and expertise:
In 2009, he started as a medical representative in InfoMed and InfoResearch/Astrazeneca in Beirut Lebanon for around 1 year. After that, he decided to move to the educational field. He worked as a middle school Science teacher in Kfarhelda public school from 2011 until 2013. In late 2013, he moved to Dubai, United Arab Emirates where he worked as a Science teacher in Al Mawakeb School. In the beginning of the academic year 2014-2015, he moved to Nibras international school – an American curriculum school, in Dubai, where he worked as a high school Science and Chemistry teacher for three years. In the beginning of the academic year 2017 – 2018, he moved to Virginia International Public School where he is currently working as Head of Science Department. Recently, in the beginning of the academic year 2018 – 2017 he got promoted to work as Head of Middle School in Virginia International Private School.
Alain is innovative in thinking, creative in execution and expert in decision making.

His MBA dissertation published in spring 2012 focused on “Job satisfaction of professors and Staff in universities across North Lebanon”.
His recent publication is still under processing and talks about factors affecting Teacher’s satisfaction in UAE Schools and how to reduce turnover rate.



“المُعلم هو من يفتح العقل ليغرس العلم ويلمس القلب.”

أيتن عصمت سليمان
رئيس قسم اللغة العربية والتربية الإسلامية والدراسات الاجتماعية

أنا أيتن عصمت سليمان حاصلة على بكالوريوس في اللغة العربية وآدابها تخصص لغة عربية وتربية وإسلامية و رئيسة قسم اللغة العربية ومواد الاجتماعيات والتربية الإسلامية عملت كرئيس قسم في أكثر من مدرسة بدولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة .

رؤيتي إعداد جيل يتميز بالريادة الأدبية والفكرية والثقافية والإبداع في اللغة العربية ضمن منظور إسلامي وتربوي يرسخ عادات وتقاليد وتاريخ دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة .

رسالتي إكساب الطالب مهارات أدبية ولغوية تمكنه من التواصل مع المجتمع والتفاعل مع المؤسسات الثقافية والأدبية والتربوية

تنمية شخصية الطلبة القيادية والإبداعية والمهنية في مجالات الأدب واللغة العربية .

“يُسعدُني الانضمام إلى أسرة فرجينيا والارتقاء بمستوى اللغة العربية وتحقيق أهدافها وفق المعايير” .