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NEASC Accreditation

NEASC Internal Reflection 2020 – 2021
Summary of Major Learning Plans

Major Learning Plans:

March 2020 to date
1. Fully review the school’s vision, mission, core values, aims, and strategic plans / future design in order to improve students’ outcomes and operate as a high performing school amidst the rapidly changing landscape;
2. Build further capacity across the school through internal succession planning as well as new, external appointments as a thorough knowledge of the curriculum and best practices in teaching, learning and assessment will drive school improvement;
3. Further develop our teaching, learning, and assessment practices with sufficient focus on the academic progress of students in lessons and over time as student learning and development are the heart of education;
4. Further develop our self-evaluation and improvement planning processes, leading to innovative and creative solutions in addressing the school’s and the UAE’s national priorities, and resulting in sustained, positive effects on students’ achievement;
5. Further engage and partner with all stakeholders, ensuring an inclusive, high-performing, vibrant learning community which we are proud of and better because of.

Pre-Covid, prior to March 2020
1. Build leadership capacity to oversee and ensure the school’s commitment to quality education and its continued improvement, with the main focus on students’ outcomes.
2. Improve students’ achievement in all subjects particularly their extended writing skills in English, Arabic FL, and Arabic SL subjects.
3. Develop students’ critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, and independent skills (across all subjects in all phases of the school).
4. Improve students’ attitudes and behaviors to learning (especially of few boys) in lessons and around the school.
5. Ensure effective monitoring of teaching and learning with sufficient focus on the academic progress of students in lessons
6. Ensure consistent marking of students’ work and providing constructive feedback.
7. Improve the analysis and use of data by teachers to assess students’ progress and plan a more effective assessment for learning.
8. To complete a full curriculum review and modify the curriculum to meet the learning needs of all students particularly lower and higher achieving students.
9. To ensure highly effective communication in which parents are well informed about their children’s learning and development.

To promote and fulfill our vision, mission, and core values, thus providing the optimum learning environment and experiences for our students.

To fulfill our vision, carry out our mission, and ensure our core values are embedded within an effective, student-centered school culture of high expectations. To ensure outstanding student progress, teaching for effective learning, the effectiveness of leadership, self-evaluation, and improvement planning.

Learning Principle 1 – Learning Goals
Learning Principle 2 – Dimensions of Learning
Learning Principle 3 – Assessment for, of and as Learning
Learning Principle 4 – Learning Perspectives
Learning Principle 5 – Learner Engagement and Autonomy
Learning Principle 6 – Research & Reflection on Learning
Learning Principle 7 – Inclusiveness of Learning
Learning Principle 8 – Governance and Leadership for Learning
Learning Principle 9 – Learning Space & Time
Learning Principle 10- Learning Community