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Parent FAQs


  • Who can I contact for questions about the shared learning activities? 


Please contact teachers directly (email, google classroom, class dojo) for questions related to learning activities.  


  1. How will parents be informed of the schedule/daily routines and expectations?


  -Each parent will receive a weekly overview of their child’s distance learning tasks for each of the core subjects (English, Islamic, Arabic, Math, Science & ICT).

   -Daily details of the tasks will be sent to students on their learning platforms. 


        3. Who can I contact if I need technology support?  

For technology support related to hardware (devices), software (google classroom, class dojo, etc…) or home connectivity issues, please contact


As a parent, how can I log in to my child’s learning platform?

      1. Instructions for logging to elementary tools.
      2. Instructions for logging to secondary tools
      3. If there are still access problems, students should email their teacher or IT Support.


Devices: Is the school going to provide a device? 


  1. How should I prepare the home environment for school?
  • Please determine a space in your home that will be dedicated to completing each day’s learning activities. 
  • Be prepared to access the device ( phone, iPad, laptop, pc).  
  • Remember to incorporate time to move!  It is common for students to get up and move around, wiggle, or even chat with friends multiple times throughout the day. 


  1. Will the school provide any live streaming/conferencing?

Yes.  Grade 6 -12 will have video conferencing as part of their regular programming. A schedule will be set and students will have the option to participate. 


  1. How much “screen time” should I expect for my child?


  • K-5: Math and Reading will each include 20-30 minutes of technology-centered learning activities each day. 
  • 6-12: All learning activities will be accessed through the online learning platform identified by each teacher.  



  1. Will my child take unit/curriculum assessments during this time? 

Curricular based assessments will be administered within a reasonable timeline.  


8. How much time should I expect my child to engage in each distance learning day? 


  • K-5: Each distance learning day has been designed to last between 120 and 150 minutes.  Families can arrange the time in the way that best fits their student’s needs each day.
  • Do the Learning Activities have to be completed in order?


It is not necessary to complete the activities listed in order. However, it is important students complete all activities for the day. 


  • 6-12: Students are expected to log in to the online learning platform as they would for a typically scheduled school day; students will follow their schedule from home.



  1. Are students expected to turn in assignments while learning from home?
    Students will be receiving guidance from their teachers regarding what and when school work completed at home should be submitted.