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At VIPS we recognize that high school students are in a stage of amazing development. These are perhaps the most difficult, challenging, and fascinating times of a young person’s life. Physical, intellectual, and emotional changes are rapid and intense at this early adolescent stage.

We commit ourselves to providing opportunities for mastery of academic skills and the lifelong pursuit of excellence while maintaining a balanced life. The school will provide a supportive environment, which will enhance the students’ self-esteem, personal and academic development.

At VIPS we are committed to the five core values as outlined by the Institute of Global Ethics. These core values are: compassion; honesty; fairness; responsibility and respect.

Our learning outcomes and the school’s academic programs are guided by the following overarching themes: creativity & innovation; communication; collaboration; critical thinking; character; cultural awareness; core knowledge.

All of this is done with a view to ensuring that each and every learner has the prerequisites needed to allow them to have a full choice of pathways in their high school program. In the end, every student will have a high school diploma recognized both in UAE and abroad and any of our graduates will be able to enter universities in the UAE, Europe, the UK, America and elsewhere without problem.

And the same STEAM thread as in previous years is woven into the curriculum by our teachers who work as a team to integrate the various individual subjects in a way which shows how they are connected whenever the opportunity arises.

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