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Acceptable Use of Chromebook Policy

Policy Statement: 

Virginia International Private School will provide technology access for all students to the internet and school network. Internet access and the use of school-owned technological devices is a privilege. Students who fail to conduct themselves in an appropriate responsible manner will lose access to school’s technologies. The school retains the right to place reasonable restrictions on material that is accessed, posted or saved on any of our school’s technologies, which include, but are not limited to, computers, laptops, tablets, internet, networks and servers. We require that students, with their parents/guardians, read and abide by the rules for acceptable use of technology as listed below. In order to enable internet access and the use of school’s technologies, students and parents/guardians are required to sign a copy of the acceptable use of the Chromebook agreement.


•  At the teacher’s discretion, students in grades KG-1/2 will be given school iPad’s and other digital technologies to use while in school under close supervision by their classroom teachers.
All students from grade 1-12 will receive school issued Chromebooks for use in their daily studies.
Students in grades one to twelve will be issued a personal chromebook that they are expected to use according to this Acceptable Use Policy, and the Acceptable Use Agreement.
Each student will be required to review with his/her parent the Acceptable Use of Technology Policy and the Acceptable Use Agreement and return these to the school signed.
To enhance learning, students are expected to bring their chromebooks to school each day fully charged and in good working order. These books are to be used in accordance with the directions and under the supervision of classroom teachers.
Students are forbidden to transmit test, quiz, or other information in a manner constituting fraud, theft, cheating or academic dishonesty or to access and/or share inappropriate online material.
Email accounts will be provided to all students for the use of transmitting electronic documents between students and teachers for educational purposes. Email access will be restricted or revoked if students misuse their school email accounts.
Wireless Internet access will be provided for each student to use for educational purposes. Failure to utilize the wireless network for any education use or any of the following unacceptable behaviours will result in termination of wireless internet access. Access to the internet is filtered through our school network in accordance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).
Desktop computers, iPads are available throughout the school and in the ICT lab for student access.
Students may check out devices to take home or to work throughout the school. The use of these technologies for purposes other than educational may result in the restriction on use or in an indefinite ban on access.
Students who through neglect or abuse damage any school owned technological devices would be responsible to pay for the replacement of the device.
The following are considered to be unacceptable use of technology and will result in consequences ranging from removal of privileges to referral for other forms of discipline as per the school’s discipline policy:
     1.  Posting information that, if acted upon, could cause damage or danger to students and/or the faculty.
Engaging in personal attacks, threats to any person, harassment, and cyber-bullying.
Attempting to hack any of the school’s networks, or databases to which the student has not been granted permission.
Making attempts to disrupt any of the school’s technology.
Using the school network to acquire, save, install, download, illegally acquired or inappropriate files, including games, music, photos, and video game files.

Violations of our Acceptable Use of Technology Policy may result in a loss of access as well as other disciplinary or legal actions depending upon the severity of the transgression.

Legal References:

ADEK Private Schools Policy and Guidance Manual Policy 65: Protection from Dangers of the Global Information Network (the Internet) Corresponding to Article (70) of the Organizing Regulations.

Mobile Phones 

Mobile phones are strictly prohibited on school property during school time. 

Any student found in possession of a mobile phone whilst on school property during school hours will be in breach of school discipline (classified as a Level 2 violation)

 As a result, the following actions will be taken:
     1.  T
he mobile phone will be confiscated, recorded, and only returned to the student at the end of the day – verbal corrective action; student – school agreement.
     2.  T
he mobile phone will be confiscated, recorded, and only returned to the parent – verbal corrective action; student – parent – school agreement.
The mobile phone will be confiscated, recorded, and only returned to the parent – written corrective action; student – parent – school agreement.
     1.  R
epeat violations will be escalated to a Level 3 violation and ultimately may result in a child being suspended or excluded from school.

In the case of an emergency, students will be able to use school telephone facilities to contact home. Where parents need to contact their child, they should follow standard procedures and contact the School Reception. 

Serious Breaches of School Discipline 

Serious breaches of school discipline will not be tolerated and serious incidents will be dealt with by the Senior Leadership Team in accordance with  Virginia International Private School discipline procedures. Examples of serious breaches of school discipline could include:
Serious and persistent cases of bullying
Serious and persistent disruption to learning
Deliberately setting off the fire alarm causing mass evacuation of the building, disruption to teaching and learning and potential harm to students with physical disabilities
Any incidents in line with Level 3 violations as per the ADEK Private Schools Policy Guidelines, 2014
Incidents of repeated Level 2 violations within an academic year
Any incidents deemed to be serious by the Principal via the School Disciplinary Committee.

In such cases, the student may be suspended from lessons and placed in isolation for reflection time or to work under staff supervision.

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