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      Parents Guide for Returning to School in 2021

      16th January , 2021

      Parents Guide for Returning to School in 2021

      Distance Learning for the First Two Weeks of the Upcoming Term

      30th December , 2020

      ،السادة أولياء الأمور الكرام نيابة عن المجتمع المدرسي في مدرسة فرجينيا، نأمل أن تكونوا قد قضيتم عطلة رائعة وأن تكونوا أنتم وعائلاتكم بأمان وبصحة جيدة. يرجى العلم بأن الجهات المعنية …

      2020-2021 ADEK Approved Calendar

      11th October , 2020

      VIPS Newsletter September 2020

      6th October , 2020

      VIPS Newsletter

      11th May , 2020

      UAE FLAG DAY 2019

      4th November , 2019

      Raising the flag was symbolic of the lifting of aspirations in the country. We have risen the level of our aspirations and our flags rose everywhere. Our citizens’ pride of …

      2020-2021 ADEK Approved Calendar

      2nd September , 2019

      Rocket Launch

      4th May , 2019

      We are proud to be a major part of the largest rocket launching in the UAE. Our students from the Space and Rocket Academy took part in launching their rockets …

      Girls’ Football Tournament

      11th February , 2019

      Congratulations ! to Virginia International Private School for winning the girls’ football tournament, which was sponsored by the Abu Dhabi Sports Council and the Abu Dhabi Women’s Sports Club.