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      Miss. Rini Ramayanti

      10th November , 2018

      What a lovely school! My son loves the school, his friends and his teachers . He always asks for his Arabic Book every time he comes back home. We really …

      Miss. Samira Al Ali

      19th October , 2018

      Virginia School make my kids love school, show the best inside them, became active members and willing to listen and adhere to school regulations and go everyday happily. We enjoy …

      Miss Marwa

      22nd August , 2018

      عندما تحب ابنتي المدرسة من أول يوم هذا دليل على أنها المدرسة مؤهلة ، والمعلمات مؤهلين وأكفاء ، والإدارة رائدة ومتميزة … فخورة أن ابنتي تدرس في مدرسة فرجينيا KG …

      Miss. Ysbet

      26th July , 2018

      I am so happy to have my daughter in Virginia International Private school. Since She joined school, she has been very excited about her teachers and the different activities offered …

      Miss. Lamia

      20th July , 2018

      Thank you Virginia School for the kindness, support and care that you provided for our son and all of the children, for offering great learning with so many activities and …

      Shamma Alhammadi, Grade 8-G1

      15th June , 2018

      My name is Shamma Alhammadi. I am a student at Virginia International Private School (V.I.P.S) and I am currently in grade 8-G1. There are many desirable things about this school. …

      Caitlyn Louw, Grade 5G1

      4th April , 2018

      I love my school because I have a great teacher, I love the sportsmanship, I love learning new things like Arabic. the school is fantastic. I love Miss. Amy.

      Miss. Dima

      2nd April , 2018

      I’m glad that my kids are learning in a positive environment and they show passion in their learning every new day that they spend at Virginia School.